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May 1st, 2005 | Street Kits Get 2 Legit
Well we weren't sure if we'd make it to our goal or not, but you guys proved that you have what it takes and we now have over 30 kits ordered for the first ever, actual street team promotion! Craziness. So thank you all SO much for the help in making this project come to life. It means the world. We'll continue collecting orders online until Wednesday and then we're going to get everything ready to ship out. Hopefully by then we'll have more of the mail-order envelops in. Plus we wanted to give our new members some time to check it out and see if they would be interested. As a side note, we put a small picture of what the mini-flyers are going to look like in the kit. If we can get some batteries, we'll take a picture of our tape too for ya. It's pretty frickin' cool.

Other things you might have noticed, we gave a little overhaul again. Just to get things ready for tour. We have some big plans for an all new site in Flash, but time has been spread thin lately, so it might be some time before that becomes a reality.

Keep it tuned guys, and thank you once again. We're VERY excited about this accomplishment! (pat yourselves on the back)

April 21st, 2005 | New Split CD & Street Team Kit
So a few of you have been heard a lot about this new split CD with the band 'The Beautiful Mistake'. But many of you don't know that the person doing the artwork for the album is none other than Derek Hess. He's done album art for Thursday, Matchbook Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, and the list goes on and on and one. He is an amazing artist. So as he works on the concept art for the album, we thought, why not treat you guys to a preview. So with ...

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April 9th, 2005 | Spring Cleaning & Recording
We're gearing up to do some spring cleaning of our members list. Those profiles that have not been updated since their creation will be deleted in about a week. So if you have an active profile and you don't want that to happen, please update it with a new pic and info. ...

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April 3rd, 2005 | New Galleries! & Australia Radio
Yep, we have a brand new gallery up on the photos section by Christopher Chouinard. He did a shoot at the Dirty American's CD Release show at the Magic Bag on the 25 of March. Definitely check it out and his web ...

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March 18th, 2005 | Another Web Site Overhaul
Yet again, we have decided it is time for a brand new street team page! Sorry about the delays in publishing the page, but we had some technical difficulties when we were in the process of incorporating the new futures. Anyway, to commemorate this event, ...

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