Welcome to the Ettison Clio Street Team Page! This teams mission is simple. Grass roots exposure. Obtaining this as an independent group is impossible to achieve alone. If it is as simple as telling friends about the music, handing out and posting flyers, making a song request, throwing a buddy icon on your AIM, or just coming out to a show to give support. These are the types of things which bring us that much closer to success.

There are many benefits to joining our team. You will receive exclusive merchandise, access to early news, discounts on current merchandise, your picture and profile on this web site, and ultimately the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a small group from Michigan, grow just a little bit bigger.

Teams like this do not just benefit our band, but the entire community of bands that surround it. We will continue to post updates, new icons, backgrounds, and post your submissions to share and download as this page is constructed. It is our hope you will join us in making this a truly great organization.